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Thanks to our active cooperation with various entities and professionals specialising in different sectors, we offer an extensive range of professional courses.

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Insurance Solutions

As intermediaries of Mapfre Middlesea, we provide interesting tailor-made insurance solutions aimed at both personal and commercial protection.

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From events planning to project management, personnel assistance and private sponsorship programmes, we assist various organisation at different stages.

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Get competitive advantages, financial and accounting advice, marketing resources and everything you need for your business, through our strong network.

The human mind is like an umbrella, it functions best when open.
~Walter Gropius

About Us

WIM is a private sector initiative to work towards ensuring gender balance and equal opportunities.
Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise

The main concern of WIM is that the economic potential of women has not yet been realised and women remain under-represented in many managerial and leadership roles in Malta. The raison détre of WIM Services Ltd is to help women to help themselves by developing managerial skills to manage and lead.

The main service WIM will offer is ‘to carry on the business of training and assistance for the employment of female managers and generally to promote education amenities in order to carry out the business’. WIM will source female managers with the training and assistance they require, for them to become managers and leaders in Maltese enterprises.

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