Seminar: How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Ease

WIM Services Ltd in collaboration with internationally renowned Jackey Backman from One Spirit Inc, Speaker, Trainer and Author NLP Trainer and Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, are promoting a seminar entitled “How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Ease”.

About the speaker: Jackey specializes in bringing out the absolute best in human beings. She’s been consulting confidentially with organizational leaders and providing organizational leadership development for more than a decade. She’s empowered countless people to stop and think about what it takes to truly realize their potential, overcome their obstacles and  has given them the tools to get the results they want every time.


Date 17 February 2016
Time 9.00 am – 4.00 pm


Everyone knows that your ability to communicate your ideas will either make or break your success.

Learn the secrets to distinguishing yourself as a receptive, competent, trustworthy, credible and professional communicator and watch your results skyrocket!

It’s a fact: You will either sink or swim in your chosen career based on your ability to communicate effectively. Still in doubt?

In a recent survey of U.S. based companies, “poor communication skills“ and an “inability to communicate effectively” were found as the top reasons employees did not succeed on the job or advance in their career.

It’s no shock to you I’m sure because for someone who takes pride in their own professionalism you’ve probably seen over and over again how some people with great communication skills skyrocket to the top of their companies while those that are misunderstood flounder and fail to impress.

While some still believe in the popular myth that the ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and ease is something you either born with or not, the fact remains that all communication skills are learned, and you too can master them like any other skill set you have in your life.

This seminar offers the absolute best, most effective and timely way for you to learn simply great communication skills that everyone will appreciate and reward you for.

I’m sure you would agree that in today’s highly competitive business environment gaining any edge that will distinguish you from the rest is a must if you wish to get ahead of the pack and stay there.

Those people that tend to lead their fields are precise, flexible, and assertive communicators that have moved beyond the communication skills they were born with and built a solid practice of learning…

How To Communicate With Confidence, Clarity, and Ease.

This comprehensive training with a master communicator and linguist gives you a rare opportunity to learn step by step all aspects of effective workplace interpersonal communications skills and how to master them

Everything is broken down for you into easily understandable and practical segments so you can focus on learning “the most important” skills to get you massive results instead of getting bogged down on information overload.

You will learn:

Master-level strategies for gaining rapport and trust so that you can influence other attitudes and actions with greater ease than ever before.
How to deal with passive aggressive and hurtful comments so that they stop, and you finally gain the respect you deserve.
Expert techniques for communicating with clarity and confidence in the difficult situations so you can resolve conflict quickly.
Strategies for putting and end to debilitating in-fighting and feuding amongst co-workers that just drain everyone’s moral to point of exhaustion.
How to present your written and spoken words in the most credible light possible so your ideas are accepted and acted upon.

Isn’t it time you stop learning by trial and error?

It may have worked well when you were a child learning how to walk and talk, but this is different. You had all the time in the world back then and no one was trying to get the edge on you.

The fact is it takes way too long and there is way too much at stake this time.

It’s time that you learned the people skills that they didn’t teach you in school or at home.

You absolutely can become a highly respected, influential, and effective communicator!
It only takes the willingness to say farewell to misunderstandings and miscommunications in your life once and for all!

Take a moment to envision a brighter future for yourself.

One where you feel fantastic because you are finally understood very clearly when you speak, and your colleagues appreciate your clarity and communication savvy.

Everyone including administrators, sales reps, managers, department heads, HR staff, professionals, and technicians will enjoy dramatic positive results and career advancement by becoming the best communicators they can be.

How To Communicate With Confidence, Clarity and Ease is guaranteed to help you become powerful communicator in any every situation you can possibly encounter.


  • How and when to use silence to elicit valuable information from your colleagues
  • How to hear what chunks of information are important and which ones aren’t
  • Active Listening – the most underrated and effective communication for gaining rapport and respect.

II. Assertive communication – the only strategy that respects yourself and others.

  • Learn to identify the 4 major communication strategies people use and why only 1 of them is your best bet.
  • Discover how to position yourself assertively with greater ease and acceptance of your ideas, thoughts and desires.
  • Learn how to cut through the control tactics of passive communicators and create stronger boundaries.

III. The Secrets of Gaining Massive Rapport and Trust.

  • What is rapport? and how is it achieved?
  • Learn the specific strategies of master rapport makers and breakers so you gain trust when you need and cut useless conversations short without offending people.
  • How to gain people’s trust by speaking in terms of their preferred “senses” so you can make sense to anyone.

IV. How To Diffuse Difficult People or Situations.

  • Practical Tips for how to rapidly diffusing unstable or strained circumstances.
  • How to handle aggressive, double-crossing, critical and hurtful communication directed at you.
  • What to do when you are constantly being criticized and embarrassed in front of others.