September 2, 2013



About WIM

WIM Services Ltd is a private sector initiative to work towards ensuring gender balance and equal opportunities in employment. The corporate and business world has become aware that good gender balance at all levels can be beneficial for business. However there still remains an imbalance despite several efforts made, both by the EU Commission and the Maltese Government. Gender equality is a key factor in achieving long-term sustainable economic growth given the skills gap that exists in the market.

The Main concern of WIM is that the economic potential of women has not yet been realised and women remain under-represented in many managerial and leadership roles in Malta. The raison détre of WIM Services Ltd is to help women to help themselves by developing managerial skills to manage and lead.
The main service WIM will offer is ‘to carry on the business of training and assistance for the employment of female managers and generally to promote education amenities in order to carry out the business’. WIM will source female managers with the training and assistance they require, for them to become managers and leaders in Maltese enterprises.

In order for women, particularly mothers, to become active participants in the labour force, they require employers to become understanding of their situations. In WIM’s opinion, women, when looking for employment may have two main entry barriers by employers: (a) they maybe blocked by males who are considered by employers as better for the job because they are less inclined to cause women-related issues and (b) women’s commitment as mothers and family carers, and a lack of time management keeps them from becoming employable and (c) the lack of women-friendly environment at work place. In this respect, it is employers must also be trained to adapt their procedures to become more flexible and open to women’s needs and situations.

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